• body shape
  • spine angle
  • plane
  • downcock
  • club face
    wrist angles
  • shaft
  • impact
  • lower body
  • over the
  • butt of the


coaching-1POWER GAMEPower belongs in the game. We understand how power is created. Using the “Wilding 10” checkpoints, we will show how you can hit the ball further and straighter than ever before! Internationally renowned golf coach Shane Wilding has done more than 42,000 hours of coaching. 5 years coaching on the US Champions Tour and 15 years in Asia, has seen him revolutionise the way the game of golf is taught.

coaching-2INTERNATIONAL TEAM Shane Wilding’s structure to coaching a golfer is unique. It has taken more than 20 years coaching experience at the very highest level to develop and refine. Utilizing his unrivalled depth of coaching experience, he has trained and developed the largest international coaching team in Bangkok, ensuring that you too can now benefit from this proven technique

coaching-3PREMIER ENVIRONMENT Within the creation of Bangkok’s premier golf environment, you will work with your coach on identifying and breaking your old swing patterns. Using unique golf drills that we have developed, you will learn new, more effective ones and develop a better, more powerful swing leading to an improved game and lower scores.

coaching-4SWING EVALUATION There are usually 3 main focus areas (from the 10 swing icons) that are the key to unlocking your golfing potential. Using our unique Swing Evaluation Process, your coach identifies these and works with you, developing a plan and showing you innovative drills that help you break your old patterns. This leads you to create new, more effective ones and ultimately speed up your progress in the game.

with your commitment our pga certified instructors will make sure you see your scores drop.


At SWGC we are dedicated to providing the best environment for you to improve fast. We have created Bangkok’s Ultimate, Interactive and Integrated Golf Centers, with 15 hi tech bays, catering for left and right handed golfers, across two locations at Mille Malle (Sukhumvit Soi 20) and The Taste Building (Thonglor 11).

It is the exclusive way in which we integrate the “Wilding 10” swing technique with the latest technology that enables us to deliver our unparalleled track record of results with our students, setting us apart from any other golf centre in Bangkok

GC2 Ball Flight

The latest GC2 ball flight technology enabling you to watch the flight and trajectory of the ball as it actually is, whilst delivering all the accurate technical information about every shot you hit

Swing Catalyst Software

The very latest version of Swing Catalyst Analysis Software that enables us to highlight all of the technical elements in your swing. In pinpointing these areas we are better able to focus on the specific aspects of your swing that need improving www.swingcatalyst.com

3D Motion Plate

The first and only 3D motion plate in Thailand, to help you use your body more efficiently and effectively for greater power and distance. This technology captures unique information about your golf swing, enabling us to give you accurate analysis of your swing. It is a combination of state-of-the-art pressure plate technology and a highly advanced force plate www.swingcatalyst.com

High Frame Rate HD Cameras

High frame rate cameras ensure that videos captured are of the highest quality and clarity in both real time and slow motion playback, enabling you and your coach to clearly identify and improve

Largest Instructor Team

The largest international multi
lingual team of PGA Certified
Coaches in Bangkok offering lessons in:-

Touch Screen Computers

Hi tech Touch Screen computers in each bay for an unrivalled inter active coaching and learning experience

Premium Grass Mats

Premium grass mats in every bay. These offer a more realistic surface and give you that definite feedback on the quality of your ball striking

Premium Balls

Premium golf balls by Srixon in every bay enhance the feel of the shots you hit at SWGC.
This leads to more precise feedback and a more enjoyable experience.


Premium Putting Green surfaces are available at both of our locations. This enables you to hone
your putting skills in a more realistic environment.

Relaxing Social Area

We also offer a social area in both centres where you can take a break with a coffee or relax and watch the golf on a 65” HDTV.

50″ HD TV Screens

Relaxing Social Area

We also offer a social area in both centres where you can take a break with a coffee or relax and watch the golf on a 65” HDTV.


Meet Shamu, one of our students. Working with his SWGC coach on a regular basis, he has been able to understand his old swing patterns and develop new more effective ones, using the Wilding 10 swing technique and our innovative drills. An amazing result that has lead to this powerful looking swing and a driver ball speed of 175mph!


Meet some more of our students. Click on each of the videos to see for yourself the results that SWGC coaches and the Wilding 10 technique deliver